HOW TO BUY GOLD by Timothy Green


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December 31st is the big day inaugurating the new gold rush and this swift guide for hoarders and speculators is as knowledgeable as Green's earlier World of Gold, even if it is a publisher's quickie cash-in on the newest fad of this money-panic year. Green has hurriedly (but adequately) researched the marketing plans of enterprising dealers and banks, and adds his own advice on investing in jewelry (don't), the best buys in coins, the most negotiable weights in bullion, whether or not to accept delivery and how to store the stuff if you do, how much of your portfolio to transfer into gold, and maximum flexibility for profit-taking. There are a whole range of pitfalls to this old-new alternative to runaway paper inflation -- like forgeries and assays -- and who's to say where gold fever will end? You may find yourself buying in at the top -- or on the other ominous hand, with the only real asset that's as good as. One thing for sure: the climate of fear is thick enough to spawn more books like this.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1975
Publisher: Walker