THE SMUGGLERS by Timothy Green


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'I assume,' said an American narcotics agent a trifle bitterly, 'that you will call this book Profit for Sure?'"" And it does emphasize the fact that smuggling is a booming industry in an age when a man can carry $1,000,000 worth of LSD in his shaving lotion bottle. And Worldwide, there's something for the whole family from nylon running in India to bees, pigs, butter and evens seven foot python which an American soldier in Vietnam shipped home labelled as a table lamp. The concentration of course is on the big action -- narcotics first, then ""underevaluation"" and ""false invoicing"" on to guns, gold, diamonds, antiques, Watches, whiskey and even people. The author has made a thorough investigation and he tells you what is likely to be carried where and by whom (the French Corsicans are stealing trade from the Mafia) and one of the more interesting sections deals with the infiltration of customs and airline personnel. Random anecdotage, and the audience may be harder to finger.

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1969
Publisher: Walker