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From the God's Little Explorers series

by Tina M. Cho ; illustrated by Marta Álvarez Miguéns

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 2024
ISBN: 9780593579411
Publisher: WaterBrook

Cho surveys space with a Bible focus in her latest book.

Readers can follow along as two child astronomers, a brown-skinned child with orange puff pigtails and an Asian-presenting child with short dark hair, explore the stars, planets, comets, Earth, and the moon. Each subsequent spread after the opening features three bits of text. Paragraphs set in a larger font offer basic explanations related to both science and religion; text in a different color often picks out important messages or concepts: “God cares for you” or the names of the planets, for example. In a smaller font, more science is presented with appropriate vocabulary. Finally, a Bible verse ties in with the information on each spread. Throughout, Cho emphasizes the awesome wonder that is God’s creation and stresses that each reader is part of it: “Litte astronomer, know that our Father in heaven, our cool Creator, sees you as His most special creation in all the universe.” Miguéns’ brightly colored illustrations, which appear to have been created digitally, keep the focus on each spread’s topic. When the action shifts to Earth, several spreads show ways for kids to enjoy the outdoors and observe space on their own: viewing constellations through a telescope, watching a meteor shower, and keeping track of the moon phases.

An informative and inspirational bridge between science and religion for Christian households.

(Religious nonfiction picture book. 3-7)