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From the Extraordinaries series, volume 2

by TJ Klune

Pub Date: July 13th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-250-20368-7
Publisher: Tor Teen

This sequel to the superhero tale The Extraordinaries (2020) is jampacked with action, nefarious plots, romance, and puns.

Nicholas Bell has it pretty good: Though he’s only 16, he’s got a strong, positive sense of self (critical for a gay teen) in addition to a supportive dad, great friends, and an adorable boyfriend, Seth. Seth’s alter ego is the superpowered Pyro Storm, who can manifest fire and spends much of his free time aiding local citizens in their fair city. Nick is proud of Seth and does everything he can to support him, including orchestrating Pyro Storm’s rebranding efforts via social media and composing hot fanfic—if Nick does say so himself. Of course, Nick has his own struggles, like dealing with his ADHD, massive headaches, awkward visits from a sketchy rich dude (long story), and some explosive secrets on the verge of being revealed. Spending more time with these characters is an absolute delight; the love they share and readily profess for each other, both platonic and romantic, is beautiful to witness. Of particular note is the tension between Nick’s cop father and the middle-class Black family of Gibby, one of Nick’s friends. The discussions by both parties are frank, with Nick’s father ultimately taking responsibility for his past misconduct and Nick showing growth in understanding Gibby’s parents’ perspective. Nick and Seth are White.

Another extraordinary installment.

(Fantasy. 14-18)