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by Toby Devens

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 2006
ISBN: 1-4022-0747-6
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

Three successful Baltimore women find themselves suddenly single.

Devens gives her baby-boomer heroines more than just menopause to worry about. The story begins as Dr. Gwyneth Berke struggles to make sense of her post-divorce life. Gwyn is in good company on her quest; her two best pals, Kat and Fleur, are also newly single. Each woman has achieved success in her professional life, but their personal lives are a different matter altogether: Kat is a widow, Fleur’s boyfriend left her for a much younger and thinner rival, and Gwyn has been thrown back into the dating pool because her husband came out of the closet. These ladies aren’t bumbling bimbos, and they won’t settle for any old warm body—they want and deserve extraordinary men. It isn’t easy for a woman with nearly 40 years of romantic baggage to find an uncomplicated and rewarding relationship. In Devens’s world, friends aren’t tossed aside as soon as a dashing gray-haired gentleman flashes a smile and bestows a bit of attention on a love-starved lady. In a well-executed revenge scenario, the ladies unite to battle a two-timing doctor who unwisely plays Gwyn for a fool. Refreshingly, these women stick together through travails tougher than mere dating disasters. Devens tackles meaty topics touching many women’s lives: Friendship carries these ladies through cancer diagnoses and the hand-wringing drama of caring for an elderly parent with Alzheimer’s. The author’s weakness lies in trying to tackle too many themes—there are more than enough packed into these pages for at least one more book.

An overstuffed debut that still manages to get to the heart of being a 50-year-old single woman.