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: A Guide to Finding Hidden Jobs Online

by Todd Bavol

Pub Date: May 7th, 2009
ISBN: 978-1-4392-3605-5

A manual on how to find–and land–your dream job.

In today’s tight job market and tough economy, many job seekers are looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition and win a much-coveted position before someone else does. According to Bavol, the key to accomplishing this goal is to become a job-search ninja–someone who can anticipate where the best jobs might be found, develop a strategic plan of attack and stealthily use all the resources at her/his disposal in order to secure that dream job. In this timely how-to guide, the author describes his vision of a job-search warrior and attempts to demystify the online process. He offers the reader step-by-step instructions on becoming an expert at the online job hunt in a style that is easy-to-follow and energetic without being gimmicky. Despite its title, there is no trickery in this book–Bavol’s tips are clear, straightforward and simple. These ten chapters are peppered with approachable charts and bullet points, and each section ends with a brief set of exercises for the reader to put the lessons into practice. Topics include an overview of the Internet’s interactive programs, a breakdown of how search engines process information, the power of choosing the right search engine, the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing job websites versus job search engines, guidelines for mastering social networking sites, how to become a passive job seeker, how to create an e-resume and the keys to self-marketing on the Internet. Even Google, Facebook and Twitter get time. The author’s suggestions are not new and can be found elsewhere–for the savvier Internet user, these tips may be too familiar and commonsensical. However, for most job seekers, his recommendations will at least spark ideas for making the online job hunt less painful and more successful.

A how-to guide with kick.