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The Underground Guide To Job Interviewing: A Quick and Irreverent Primer for the Busy Job Seeker by Todd Moster

The Underground Guide To Job Interviewing: A Quick and Irreverent Primer for the Busy Job Seeker

Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

by Todd Moster

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1478335313
Publisher: CreateSpace

A recruiter provides a how-to guide on preparing for a job interview.

Moster, a lawyer who now runs his own legal search firm, has coached hundreds of clients on how to get ready for an upcoming job interview. In chatty, relaxed fashion, he engages readers in a similar pep talk of what he willingly acknowledges are “basic” fundamentals, including doing background research on the company, making sure you bring a copy of your resume on the big day, and sending a follow-up thank-you note. He outlines red flags to watch out for, such as when a position lacks a detailed job description, and provides many rules of thumb drawn from his experience in the field, including the notion that candidates should arrive to their interview seven to 10 minutes early. Typical of the rather perky humor that runs throughout his narrative, Moster admits this time frame is “just one of those things that works!” The meatiest part of this book, an area that Moster expanded upon in this second edition, centers on preparing responses to interview questions, particularly the tough ones—“What salary are you looking for?” (Moster offers a variety of ways to sidestep); “Why are you leaving your current job?” (He says to focus as much as you can on the positives, even if you were fired)—as well as what he terms “substantive questions” about experience and qualifications. His legal background is put to good use here, as he ably demonstrates the importance of rehearsing as many answers as you can prior to your interview. In this updated edition, Moster provides an appendix of additional sample questions for further practice, although readers may wish for more sample responses to at least some of the new categories of questions provided. Still, the friendly tone and practical directives make for an effective combination that will help anyone combat the inevitable fear factors regarding the interview process.

A conversational primer that offers calming, common-sense advice about a particularly stressful part of the job search.