A SONG OF STARS: An Asian Legend by Tom--Adapt. Birdseye

A SONG OF STARS: An Asian Legend

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The story that is the basis of the Chinese Festival of the Milky Way (and also of Japan's Weaving Loom Festival) celebrates the love shared by a mortal oxherd, New-land, and a celestial princess, Chauchau, daughter of the Emperor of Heaven. At first, the Emperor blesses their union; but when ""Duty [is] replaced by soft kisses while sitting in the lap of the moon,"" he decrees that they must live on opposite sides of the Milky Way, forever separate save on the seventh night of the seventh moon. Chen's stylized paintings are lit by glowing, transparent colors, overlaid to suggest tissue-paper collage. Sweeping lines and elegant gestures lend a theatrical dimension to this romantic tale, expertly catching and amplifying the story's mood. A note on the holiday is appended.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1990
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Holiday House