EARTH TALK: Independent Voices on the Environment by Tom Artin

EARTH TALK: Independent Voices on the Environment

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The independent voices are 30 participants in a 1972 Stockholm conference held by the Dai Dong, an International Fellowship of Reconciliation-linked group with a lavish budget and connections with such celebrities as Barbara Ward, Margaret Mead, and former Interior Secretary Walter Hickel. Dai Dong goes all out for zero growth re industry and population, plus a kind of ""one world"" philosophy. The conference -- called to thrash out a declaration to be presented at a United Nations environmental gathering -- featured debates on pacifism versus national liberation wars, ""artificial"" versus ""organic"" fertilizers, population emphasis versus social-crisis emphasis. . .feathery thrashing, circumstantially rendered and relieved by sideshows like the encampment of the Hog Farm, an American commune distributing free food (why were they there?). Also a series of confrontations: U.S. Environmental Commissioner Ruckelshaus versus anti-war activists, Margaret Mead and a group of American Indians, population-cutter Paul Ehrlich versus a group of Third World citizens. The U.N. conference was a bore, Dai Dong presented their declaration, and the Chinese failed to applaud (they never seemed to applaud) and Artin leaves Stockholm in a railway compartment stocked with friends and beer. Was it worth a whole book?

Pub Date: Nov. 16th, 1973
Publisher: Grossman