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A collection of pieces, revamped from the cassette so that the questions and answers are unobtrusive for the most part; they are almost flauntingly turned on and most certainly turned up. Many appeared originally in Esquire, The New York Times, or Rolling Stone. Burke seems, or rather sounds, more substantial on John Schlesinger and Polanski--the lead-offs--perhaps because both of them have more definition about what they're doing as producers, or perhaps because you haven't had a chance to get tired of Burke. They're followed by two wan fade-outs of Julie Christie and Catherine Deneuve. Even Jane Fonda loses her style, but at this juncture (seven years ago) she's enjoying her role as La Maternelle with Vadim's baby; as for Peter--well ""I mean, I am."" Burke is pretty dreadful to Capote, all distracted fey flitter; Redford seems genial even if he's a ""very fifties-type""--and there are others, lots of them, along with vistas of New York and its ""cachet"" of pot and its gays, the Satan scene in the New Hollywood, and Pat Boone's ""Jesus thing."" There's a certain tiring with-it-ness (Rex Reed did it better once) in between all those wows and urns and youknowwhatimeans. Surely you do.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1976
Publisher: Putnam