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In this latest installment of an established fantasy series about overlapping Faerie worlds, college buddies David Sullivan, Alec McLean, and Aikin Daniels get together the day before Halloween to hunt deer. Alec possesses a magical ""ulunsuti,"" given to him by a Cherokee shaman, that can grant visions and give access to Faerie but that must be fed with fresh blood. The ulunsuti vouchsafes each man a prophetic dream. David, who can actually see the Straight Tracks that connect the magical worlds, witnesses the circumstances in which his beloved uncle and namesake was mysteriously killed by a grenade in the Middle East. Alec is bidden to seek out Aife, his Sidhe lover who also betrayed him. And the ever-curious Aikin is shown a route into Faerie. Alec, then, is seduced by Rhiannon, Queen of Ys, who pretends to be Aife in order to steal the ulunsuti. Aikin, having blundered into Faerie only to be pursued by the fearsome Wild Hunt, is saved by an ""enfield,"" a fox with eagle's feet and shapeshifting powers. David learns how his uncle died--Neman, the trickster sister of the Morrigu, the Sidhe mistress of battles, set him up--and he is granted a last interview with his namesake. Snarling, yelping, imaginative, uncouth entertainment for the more adolescent-minded part of the audience: better than Above the Lower Sky (1994) but not by much.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1995
Page count: 368pp
Publisher: AvoNova/Morrow