DECLARATION by Tom- Ed. Maschler


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Eight of Britain's ""young literary lions"" who have been tagged as the Angry Young Men have been asked here to express themselves and their beliefs. All of them -- while acknowledging the impoverishment of the time in which they live -- have found a point of commitment beyond the repudiation of the past. For Doris Lessing it is a larger vision, the ""warmth, compassion, humanity"" which illuminated the literature of the 19th century; for the The Outsider, Colin Wilson, imprisoned by reality, it is an attempt to get free toward some spiritual sphere; John Wain asserts that the artist's function is to humanize his society. An often brilliant barrage of ideas and a manifesto of intents and ideals which will define the intellectual climate of the younger generation.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1958
Publisher: Dutton