GARRANANE by Tom Ingrain


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This occurs in places called Stonegrave and Scortallin and Nythesway, and especially in the castle of Garranane where Kai and his sister Flor are threatened by an evil lady named Fenrir who can destroy a person by drawing him in one of her lifelike pictures -- but first Lotha's dogs must dance in a ring. Fenrir turns out to belong to the dreaded and shadowless race of baugrens, which explains (?) the plagues of high wind, perpetual cloud, and spoiling food that coincide with her presence in the castle. With the help of Windy the smith and the good will of Tatto, the incompetent court alchemist and astrologer, Kai and Flor save Garranane from the baugrens, rescuing their uncle from Fenrir's drawing and their parents from her emerald pendant. The how and especially the why of all this atmospheric agitation is never made clear.

Pub Date: May 15th, 1972
Publisher: Bradbury