CRISS CROSS by Tom Kakonis


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More midwestern crime from the author of Michigan Roll (1988): here, the innocent lusts of a middle-aged cop in exile--in Grand Rapids--embroil him in plans to knock off the local discount store on Christmas Eve. Too hot for the Detroit police to handle, Mitchell Morse has banished himself to Grand Rapids and a job with a private security firm--a job that ends when ex-linebacker Morse tangles too effectively with some union muscle. Joblessness is comforted first by a bender, the ministrations of former co-worker Jean Satterfield, and an offer of employment with the security force at Fleets, the local discount store. The new job brings him into the smoldering sphere of sexy cashier Starla Hudek, whose ex-con ex-husband, Milo ""Meat"" Pitts, is planning to knock off Fleets with the assistance of his wacked-out ex-cellmate and hair restorer D.C. Kasperson, an inveterate con man. Agog over the sexual ingenuities of Starla, Morse is ripe for recruitment by the robbers--whose ambitions have expanded to include knocking off the Brinks truck carrying the Christmas receipts from the entire Fleets chain. But the plans require far too many things to go without a hitch. Among the unforeseen events: the violent mental breakdown of one of Kasperson's hair-restoration hopefuls, and the undying love of Ms. Satterfield. An oddball but attractive criminal mix of the grotesque and the Midland mundane.

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 1989
Publisher: St. Martin's