THE NEW CONGO by Tom Marvel


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A study of contemporary results of 19th and early 20th century imperialism in the Belgian Congo. The author, against a brief historical survey of exploration and conquest, gives an account of a tour through the area:- the rubber plantations, the coffee plantations, the new and efficient silkworm developments, the model towns around the copper and diamond mines, the railroads, modern motor roads, well-run river boat trips. At each point the benevolent imperialism of Belgium is exposed and pointed up, for the reader. The schools, the model homes, protection against disease, the family life of the natives provide constant source of wonderment to the author (and to this reader!). The white man's burden and the way it is carried is a thread running through the book, while his occasional slips and failures are conveniently overlooked.

Pub Date: June 23rd, 1948
Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce