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FOR THE LOVE OF GELO! by Tom O'Donnell


From the Space Rocks series, volume 2

by Tom O'Donnell

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-59514-714-1
Publisher: Razorbill/Penguin

Throw your thol’graz in the air: Chorkle and its human friends return to continue their adventures (Space Rocks, 2014).

The ancient weapon Q-sik saved Gelo, Chorkle’s asteroid home, from the Vorem Dominion’s attack; unfortunately it also flung Gelo, its Xotonian inhabitants and their four human guests into an unknown corner of the universe. When Kalac, Chorkle’s originator (“parent,” in human terms) and the leader of the Xotonians, vanishes on nearby Kyral, Chorkle, Hollins, Nicki, Becky and Little Gus defy the opportunistic Sheln, who’s trying to steal Kalac’s position, to mount a rescue mission. The Aeaki, Kyral’s hostile, birdlike inhabitants, don’t know how to use their forbears’ technology any better than the Xotonians do theirs, so they aren’t any help in the search for Kalac…but a sullen Vorem teenager might be. O’Donnell’s continuation of Chorkle’s story is as much fun as its predecessor. Humorous linguistic and cultural clashes, well-built Everykid characters with realistically rocky relationships, and a logically constructed universe—not to mention action and a couple of surprises—fill out this solid sequel. Reading the first is highly recommended.

Jalasu Jhuk be praised! Another sequel is on the way, given the wide-open (but still satisfying) ending.

(Science fiction. 9-12)