BAR-FACE by Tom Person
Kirkus Star


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A fine animal story set in the Louisiana bayou country is told with an apt use of southern dialogue, moving in its sentiments and the simple ironies set up in the chain of adventures. In the swamp near their father's cotton and livestock farm, Lem and Lou Herrick run into Wolf, a dog grown to be a wild terrorizer due to its early mistreatment by the mean Dawkins brothers, on the point of killing a mother coon. They take her baby home and name it Bar Face. As Bar Face grows there is trouble in the swamp and for Lem. During a hunt for Wolf, Lem's sympathy for wild things runs him a- foul of his best friend Shadd when he prevents a shot that could have killed the dog. The Dawkins continue to hunt illegally. One of the problems is settled when a lumber company buys the land and dispossesses the Dawkins- and the other, when Bar Face, grown and ready to return to his own way of life, meets Wolf in the swamp and in a battle witnessed by Lem, Shadd and a lumberman friend, kills the dog and gratifies Lem's feeling that nature must be left to its own.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1953
Publisher: Pellegrini & Cudahy