STALKING by Tom Seligson


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When elderly Charlie Wilson retires, he foresees a sunny future--if he can just confess to one dirty fact in his past. And so he reveals to New York's D.A., Frank Markham, that Markham's father did not commit suicide but was murdered, victim of LSD experiments by the U.S. Microbiological Warfare Dept. Wilson offers to testify for Markham should the D.A. decide to launch a suit against the U.S. government--and then Wilson is murdered himself, in a mock suicide. With his lone witness taken from him, with family troubles and political prospects dogging him, Markham goes gaga. He begins stalking and murdering the relatives of the germ scientists responsible for his dad's death--so that the scientists will know what he felt. At the top of his list is the former head of the Dept. of Defense, now Vice President of the U.S. . . . Unhinged melodrama--but some strong characterizations and etched descriptions promise better things ahead for this talented writer.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1979
Publisher: Everest House