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by Tom Watson with Nick Seitz

Pub Date: March 29th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9483-6
Publisher: Atria

A picture-heavy instruction manual from PGA Hall of Famer Watson that pays particular attention to improving posture and swing.

With assistance from Golf Digest editor Seitz, Watson provides a comprehensive yet simply written guidebook of golf fundamentals, complete with practice drills and tips for improving ball maneuverability. The author's straightforward prose is geared to golfers of all levels, and at any stage of life, including a chapter focused on adjusting seniors' swings based on age. Watson answers all the common golf questions, including how far to stand away from the ball and how to improve hooks and slices. Firsthand accounts from specific games during the author's career, dubbed "Watson Moments," pop up repeatedly throughout the text, and serve as reminders that even the best golfers need to brush up on their technique sometimes. Concepts are continually reinforced, yet every sentence and illustration is integral to the author's instruction. Watson poses for a number of instructive photographs that detail the sequence of each swing, with extreme close-ups of grips and stances. Award-winning sports photographer Dom Furore's shots are sharp and well-captioned, making the visual component of this book its most effective feature.

An excellent visual reference that can be stored in a golf bag for use on the course.