THE KINGPIN by Tom Wicker


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A cynical story of crooked politics in the South tells of Bill Tucker, the kingpin, and the conniving manager of Colonel Harvey Pollock who is trying to win an election to the Senate on a white supremacy platform. When he loses the primaries, Tucker arranges to have a second balloting which he stacks by blackmail, bribery and intimidation. Pollock wins, but in the meantime, his second in command, who hates Tucker, revives an old college paper which Tucker had written on Lenin, remembers that his roommate had been a ""Red"", and gets a girl to perjure herself in swearing that he was a Communist. The smear prepared, it looks as if Tucker were through, until the fact that Pollock's wife holds the pursestrings changes the outlook and the outcome... Issues, but no ideals, fast deals and finagles, the scenery around these parts is sordid and there's no bloom left on the magnolias.

Publisher: Morrow-Wm. Sloane