THE ISLANDMAN by Tomas O'Crohan


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A book that picks up the loose threads of Twenty Years A'Growing by Maurice O'Sullivan and fills in the gaps. Another story of the Blaskets, this time the autobiography of an old man who lived there virtually all his life. Much more meticulous in detail as to the daily round of events, the houses, the furnishings, the ways of life, the individual members of the tiny community, the relations to the world outside, the fights against taxation, the changes made in private property, the schools, the tiny evidences of encroaching ""civilization"". Good reading and with much of the same graceful Gaelic phraseology that characterized the other book, but there is not the freshness, the spontaneity, the artlessness that caught the public off guard, and won wide popularity for the story of the island boy. Sell to same market.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1935
ISBN: 0192812335
Publisher: Scribner