JOE AND THE SNOW by Tomie de Paola


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What's fun about Joe is that he never has too much snow--not even when his wished- for snowstorm lasts for five days and nights, depositing enough for two hundred snowmen and burying the house except for the chimney; not even when the melting snow becomes an inland sea (like the grouchy old man warned) and Joe and his animal friends have to hoist a sail. When the water has receded Joe starts to think again SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. At the start Joe's housemate Martin, a dog with more than a pipe-smoking kinship to Professor Higgins, seems an intrusion (as do cat Alexander and rabbit Philip), but it's Martin/ Higgins whose quick-thinking (because ""I read a lot"") saves the house from floating away. As a story it's no more than a flurry, but amusingly conceived and drawn.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Hawthorn