ONE MONTH LIGHTER: The Lean Line Way to 30 Day Slimness by Toni & Lolly Wurtzel with Ruth Winter Marotta

ONE MONTH LIGHTER: The Lean Line Way to 30 Day Slimness

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Routine, balanced low-calorie diet fare. Marotta and Wurtzel, founders of the Lean Line dieters' peer-support group, here set out their unremarkable program. Lower calories, moderate exercise, and ""help in coping with the emotional difficulties and tensions of achieving and maintaining proper body weight"" (self-testing to identify eating habits and problem areas; behavior modification techniques to establish healthier eating habits) are the plan's foundations. After explaining these basics, the authors detail a ""One Month Lighter Program"": 30 days of middle-of-the-road, 1,000 or so calorie/day fare (""Polynesian chicken kabobs"" with canned pineapple, canned mushrooms, soy sauce, onion flakes). Readers are encouraged to design a similar program incorporating individual tastes for the second month, and then turned loose with the hope that ""I now recognize the difference between tired and hungry. . . I've de-emphasized food in my life. . .I now like myself. . ."" and similar goals have been attained. No news.

Pub Date: June 28th, 1985
Publisher: Arbor House