RUNNING FIX by Tony Gibbs


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Political journalism, drug smuggling, and yachting--all are the modestly entertaining angles in Gibbs' sequel to Dead Run (1988). Plucky charter skipperess Gillian Verdean returns from sailing her beloved yacht Glory, with the able assistance of excessively handsome First Mate Patrick O'Mara, who pines for her, and embittered Captain Jeremy Bart, for whom she pines. Just as Glory is about to ground on the shoals of unrequited love, a business proposition comes from Gillian's honorary Uncle Sol Farber, father of her old school chum Sarah. Uncle Sol will pay handsomely for the trio to track down Sarah, who was reported to have drowned with her lover when their sailboat foundered off Bermuda, but who has since sent her dad a nice postcard. Gillian is no longer too fond of the high-living Sarah, but she adores Uncle Sol and takes the assignment to make him happy. The crew of the Glory divides up the investigation. Patrick gets to woo a pretty Coast Guardian who has access to official information about the missing yacht; Barr goes to Bermuda to check out that end; and Gillian goes undercover as a secretary at the journal of political opinion once run by Sarah's supposedly drowned boyfriend and still run by the boyfriend's brother--himself a sailor with an amusing resemblance to the real editor of a real political journal. Dangers abound all over the Atlantic, but politics is, as always, the greatest peril. Literate and amusing thriller.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1990
Publisher: Random House