DYNASTY by Tony Morphell


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A wearying Australian ""business"" novel, which follows the machinations of three sons tacking through the gales of a family communications empire built and controlled by their father. The sons (never named, but identified through the chronological order of birth) have all been introduced to the family newspaper. The Day, at an early age. Flashbacks take each voting member of the empire up to his decision on the unthinkable prospect-removing the father from active command of the company. Son I's heart is with the presses; Son II, a manager, not a builder, is efficient at administering the many other interests of the firm; Son III, immersed in the television properties, is an innovator, wily and resourceful. Son II, deep into a sado-masochistic sexual relationship with Son I's wife is persuaded by her to aid Son I's effort to boost father upstairs. The vote is a tie, finally broken in the father's favor, presumably by Son III, whom the father recognizes as a ""friendly assassin."" Each principal's past and its relevance to the decision is ground out doggedly, but because of dim and hurried characterizations, members of the board seem to have interchangeable parts. Executive Suite, renovated, but not improved, by a brother act.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1968
Publisher: McKay