YOUNG LIONS by Toshi Yoshida
Kirkus Star


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Three young East African lions (pictured as two females and a male) leave their pride for a first hunting excursion--on which they observe several other species (including rhinos, water buffaloes, and vultures--the latter eating a zebra), chase but fail to catch gnus, and finally return home at night. Panoramic illustrations (the book opens to a 22' double spread) are the strength here, with high points including a rhythmically arrayed group of wary zebras; delicately leaping impalas; cheetahs, their speed suggested by a striated surface; and a dramatic night scene with a leopard glaring down from a tree (the book is rotated 90Ø here). A brief note explains predators' role in balancing populations, but not the differing roles of male and female lions in the hunt. Elegant endpapers, with all the animals in silhouette. A beautiful book from a talented Japanese artist.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1989
Page count: 32pp
Publisher: Philomel/Putnam