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From the Rising World Trilogy series, volume 1

by T.R. Williams

Pub Date: Jan. 7th, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-4767-1336-6
Publisher: Atria

This adequate New-Age thriller, offering a vision of an apocalyptic future, is the first volume of Williams' Rising World trilogy.

In 2027, a solar flare has brought down thousands of airplanes, and a four-degree shift in the Earth’s axis has caused cataclysmic earthquakes and coastline shifts in an event called the Great Disruption. By 2069, the world is still pretty much a mess. Remnants of Washington, D.C., and Fairfax, Va., remain, along with some old Federal-style homes and select foreign cities. Key to the story are The Chronicles of Satraya, which contain such wisdom as “Pass your values on to your children, but do not be afraid to let your traditions go.” Logan Cutler, the hero, auctions off the only extant originals in order to pay off his debts, but the Wrong People want to get their mitts on them. Only the originals will do, since they possess supernatural qualities beyond the words themselves. The Chronicles tie into a plot to kill off a portion of the world’s population and turn the rest into people incapable of thinking for themselves. Can villains Simon and Andrea use a serum to “exterminate the free thinkers of the world?” Will the bad guy’s mother give him permission to shoot the hero between the eyes, or will he just give a speech instead? There is a race against the clock as the man-made disaster is set to occur at Liberty Moment on Freedom Day. The urgent deadline is standard thriller fare that generally adds to the reader’s excitement, so why doesn’t it work here? Maybe because the real disaster already happened with the axial tilt. Really, what could be worse than that?

Fans of Dan Brown will find this book worth a try for its action and mystical angle. Other thriller fans may just feel burned.