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THE OMINOUS EYE by Tracey Hecht


From the Nocturnals series, volume 2

by Tracey Hecht ; illustrated by Kate Liebman

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-944020-03-3
Publisher: Fabled Films

The protectors of the forest return to face a monstrous new threat in the sequel to The Mysterious Abductions (2016).

Sugar glider and master of love Bismark, nervous pangolin Tobin, and fearless fox Dawn—the Nocturnal Brigade—face an unprecedented mystery in the woods. Without warning, the ground cracks, ashes fill the sky, and a large boom shakes the air. No one can predict when the earth will open again or say what is causing this terrible occurrence. A solitary tuatara, Polyphema, appears to have the answers. She tells them a great monster is in their midst, a beast bent on destruction and death. However, something about her raises concerns for Dawn. How does she know of this danger? What brought the creature to the forest? Everyone else believes that Polyphema holds the key to surviving the terror—even Bismark and Tobin believe Polyphema knows best. Will the Nocturnal Brigade survive the rift in their ranks, or will the monster get to them first? Hecht continues to charm readers with delightfully drawn characters and consistent suspense. Bismark's trademark, multilingual adulations fuel both Dawn's eye-rolls and readers' chuckles. Tobin remains cautiously adventurous. His quiet remarks and social perceptiveness ground Bismark's slapstick and elicit warmth from Dawn's cool leadership. Each animal, from the common to the exotic, shines with quirky personality and endearing traits.

A welcome return of the colorful and curious trio—their next can’t arrive soon enough.

(Fantasy. 9-12)