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by Traci Hall

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 2023
ISBN: 978-1-4967-3924-7
Publisher: Kensington

A good luck charm brings anything but to an anxious bride in the Scottish seaside town of Nairn.

Paislee Shaw’s best friend, Lydia Barron, is at church, about to marry Corbin Smythe—until the disappearance of the Luckenbooth brooch, a Smythe family heirloom, throws everything into disarray. Corbin’s snobbish stepmother, Mary, already dislikes Lydia and has insisted that the marriage will bring bad luck. The brooch turns up in the hands of Corbin’s cousin Felice, but instead of exulting in the discovery, she says that she can’t see and falls down the church stairs, breaking her neck. Of course the wedding is postponed; of course Mary and her spoiled daughters use the time to drive a wedge between Lydia and Corbin; and of course Felice’s death turns out to be murder. Paislee has her hands full with her yarn shop and her grandpa Angus, who fears that his son Craigh, who's gone missing from an oil rig, may be in deep trouble. Despite all these commitments, Lydia begs Paislee, who’s had prior experience with murder, to help even as the police warn them to let the authorities handle the case. Handsome DI Zeffer, who’s worked with Paislee before, is more interested in finding Craigh even though the brooch was covered in strychnine apparently meant for Lydia. It turns out that Craigh had been getting himself out of trouble by working undercover for Scotland Yard, but now he's stopped contacting them, and both Scotland Yard and some very nasty crooks are after him. Paislee does everything in her power to help Lydia, whose marital hopes are dimming.

Down-to-earth characters and two mysteries to solve add up to a solid read.