JULIA NEWBERRY'S SKETCH BOOK : or The Life of Two Future Old Maide by Tracy D. Mygatt

JULIA NEWBERRY'S SKETCH BOOK : or The Life of Two Future Old Maide

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One of the surprise successes of 1933 was the charming discovery, JULIA NEWBERRY'S DIARY. And here is a successor, a sure sale to everyone who enjoyed the earlier book, and, sold alone, should result in a plus sale to those who had not read the previous volume. The news of the finding of the diary brought to light, in the possession of a close cousin of Julia's, a cherished sketch book, which they had planned jointly when at school in Geneva, and which Julia had executed sub rosa. A characteristic preface recaptures the charm of the vivid little personality of the diary. And the pencil sketches, admirably reproduced, and grouped together, as originally placed, are an authentic and spirited bit of local color. There are eighteen of them and in their loving detail they have preserved the exact spirit of the period. The text, by Julia's second cousin, tells of the devoted friendship between Minnie and Julia, of their early childhood in Chicago, of their schooldays in Geneva. It is not done as consecutive narrative, but rather in sketch book style, flashbacks with a good deal of charm, not really hurt by occasional lapses into sentiment. The format of the book will be oblong, facsimile of the original sketchbook. 2500 window displays, Valentine's Day bands, etc. A book for a plus sale.

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 1934
Publisher: Norton