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Sound, straightforward, and detailed: what individuals can do to prevent this serious, debilitating, degenerative bone disease. Cooper, best known for his work popularizing aerobic fitness (Aerobics 1968, etc.), is now turning his attention to other common health concerns (most recently, Controlling Cholesterol, 1987). And this new guide bears all his trademarks: a sound, well-rounded program, clearly presented, encompassing good nutrition and exercise plans, with avoidance of destructive habits. Cooper builds on this base with detailed instructions targeting bone health, first explaining the life cycle of bones: how they grow, when they reach their peak strength, and how they begin to deteriorate. He then helps readers determine their risk of osteoporosis, pointing out that this disease featuring loss of bone density is not limited just to the elderly, or to women. Some others at particular risk are cigarette smokers, heavy drinkers, ballet dancers, female runners and other endurance athletes, and those allergic to dairy products. Cooper then sets out detailed exercise regimens to help avoid the problem, first explaining the relationship between exercise and maintaining maximum bone mass. He looks at drug and hormone therapies: in line with current medical thought, Cooper feels these can be worthwhile. Complete advice on diet (recipes included) follows, as well as sound cautions against alcohol and tobacco use, and an examination of the heredity factor in osteoporosis. Sadly, as Cooper points out, once the disease is well established, there are only very limited measures to help sufferers control it. But there is much that can be done for prevention, and Cooper clearly and thoroughly covers that ground. A most helpful guide.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1989
Publisher: Bantam