AUGUSTINE: Confessions and Enchiridion & AUGUSTINE: Later Works by
Kirkus Star

AUGUSTINE: Confessions and Enchiridion & AUGUSTINE: Later Works

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These the latest volumes to be published in the Library of Christian Classics give us the most representative of the writings of one of the greatest Christian theologians of all time: Augustine. These new translations of his works and the interpretive remarks of the editors are greatly needed, for determining in Christian thought though he be, Augustine's writing is not easily followed and these volumes will help us to understand wherein and why he has been influential. His was an essentially conservative , gathering together the strands of thought of the early church fathers into a synthesis which was to be the norm of Christian thought for a thousand years. The Confessions, Augustine's most widely read book, is a review of the events and experiences which led him to have such a profound faith in the Grace of God. The Enchiridion is a later and more nature treaties on the Grace of God. volume VIII includes Augustine's De Trinitate and ten homilies on the first Epistle of St. John. The editors are Professor Outler of the School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, (Volume VII) and Professor Burby of the University of Cambridge (Volume VIII) and they maintain the high standard of scholarship of the previously published volumes in the Library Of Christian Classics. This Library is a must for all interested in the history of Christian thought.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1955
Publisher: Westminster Press