ETCHED IN ARSENIC by Trevor Christie


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Just before James Maybrick died, of arsenical poisoning? of gastroenteritis? he turned to his devoted? wife Florence and said ""Oh, Bunny, Bunny, how could you do it?"" However when Florence was arrested for administering the arsenic which no doubt killed him, her mother claimed it was ridiculous since he had ""made a perfect apothecary shop of himself."" So he had--and to restore his sexual powers had been known to be taking the ""white powders,"" while, on the other hand, Florence had repeatedly bought flypapers for her cosmetic benefit. This is a case which has avoided a finite answer, much like Lizzie Borden's, for years and through repeated fictional and non-fictional treatments. Mr. Christie gives it a conscientious run-through, giving more background on James and Florie Maybrick than before, following the trial day by day, including all the dismal occurrences of her fourteen years in jail to her final reclusive last years in a friendlier country. He also adds his verdict. The case is the thing--it has haunted crime annal-ists and analysts for years, and Mr. Christie's handling of it is objective and resolute.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Lippincott