LOVELIVES: How We Make Love by

LOVELIVES: How We Make Love

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The good doctor does for sex what he did for Sleep Positions (1977), and the result is catchy (if a wee bit trumped up). Dunkell's thesis, mixed in with the usual sex-manual push here/pull there stuff, is that the positions we prefer in sex indicate something about our personalities. People who make love like spoons, it seems, are reluctant to face each other; side-by-side types have even relationships, and so on. Apart from some cutesy-poo new names for positions straight (or maybe not-so-straight) out of the Kama Sutra--the Hinge, the Slide Rule, and so on--there is some rather interesting sociological (?) information about, for example, the history of bundling and the origin of the phrase, ""missionary position."" None of that is new, but it breaks the monotony of how-to and when; by now, we've got that part figured out.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow