The Magic in Me
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A debut memoir chronicles a life spent nurturing special gifts.

Avery describes her childhood as one that was far from what most people would consider ideal. As she explains, “I was taken away from my mother and separated from my siblings at a young age due to my mother’s abuse, neglect, and inability to care for me and my siblings.” As a child, the author would find herself locked in a closet. Though her siblings would feel frightened in such a circumstance, Avery would think of the closet as a safe place. It was there that she would astral travel to faraway places, beginning to realize that she was different from other people. While the author would spend her early years with a series of foster families, she started honing esoteric communications during that time. Even though Avery’s future was usually uncertain, she could find comfort in the fact that she “had the abilities to see, hear and speak to spirits.” It was from such a background that the author would emerge as an adult with abilities like clairvoyance and a steadfast belief in “the energies of the universe.” Her convictions would at times lead her into conflicts with others, and it these recollections that are the most memorable. One standout scene involves a Wiccaning ceremony for the author’s newborn son, Danial. It was an event that made her husband’s family very nervous: “I don’t know if it was because they wanted to make sure that Danial was not being sacrificed to the Gods or something silly like that.” Whether one finds the idea of people dressed in black cloaks carrying a baby enlightening, terrifying, or comical, this episode vividly illustrates that dealing with diversity is hardly easy. Although the Wiccaning ceremony is clearly described, the challenges the author faced in sharing her gifts can at times become diluted in the text. She begins the book explaining her clashes with her in-laws, although, without the greater context of her life experiences, this information is not as striking as it might have been with a better chronological organization. The account conveys an overall positive message, but some chapters feel a bit jumbled.    

While it could use a stronger structure, this book deftly explores a captivating spiritual journey.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-5043-8748-4
Page count: 155pp
Publisher: BalboaPress
Program: Kirkus Indie
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