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WHAT WILL I BE? by Trisha Deery


From the Miss Rosie Red series

by Trisha Deery & illustrated by Trisha Deery & developed by Dog Ears Ltd.

Age Range: 1 - 5

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 2011
Publisher: Dog Ears Ltd.

A wee Irish lass contemplates what to wear to a birthday party.

This storybook app hails from Northern Ireland and is an adaption of Deery’s traditional book that was released in the UK earlier this year. Miss Rosie Red, an adorable preschooler with a ginger complexion, receives a birthday invitation that leaves her wondering what she should “be” when she goes to the party. She sets out with her kitty, Cooper, to try things on for size. Rosie contemplates going as an astronaut, a fairy, a dinosaur and nearly a dozen other things before deciding to simply go as herself. In read-to-me mode, the text is voiced by an Irish 3-year-old with a slight lisp; while her accent may make it difficult for some children to understand her, the sound of it is so precious it’s almost addicting. Deery’s illustrations are warm and cheery, creating a vibe that seems to strike at the very heart of childhood innocence. Befitting the very young audience, interactions are kept to a minimum. Readers can tap individual pages to summon multiple images and the next phrase of text, and Cooper the cat reliably purrs when touched. But it is a shame that Rosie does not move when she “is so excited she can barely sit still.”

An endearing tale for tiny tots. (iPad storybook app. 1-5)