WHY GO TO CHURCH? by Truman B. Douglass
Kirkus Star


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Dr. Truman Douglass, executive secretary of the Board of Home Missions of the Congregational and Christian Churches, gives us in this volume a very moving and persuasive apologia for the Christian Church. The average layman-- and clergymen too--will hardly remain unmoved by this clear, strong, yet gentle arguement for the relevance and necessity of the Christian Church in the modern world, especially by such chapters as describe the Church as man's ""rememberer,"" and the one institution inall human society which fills the need of every man to be taken seriously, no matter how outrageously he may at times behave. Such a good book deserves a better title, yet it provides a fresh insight into all the reasons ever advanced for church attendance, and adds a few more, and better, ones.

Publisher: Harper