BEYOND SING THE WOODS by Trygve Gulbranssen
Kirkus Star


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A dark horse that rates as a Must Book in the opinion of this reader. I found it one of the finest novels I have read for a long time. In spite of its remote setting, the unfamiliar forests and valleys of Norway, there is a timelessness and a universality about it that strikes a fundamental note. A folk tale, in the broadest and finest sense, and at the same time a novel that leaves an impression of lusty men and women, not symbols but realities, and that tells a story which holds the interest throughout. The style has a rhythm that leaves one a sense of a saga quality. A beautiful translation from the Norwegian by Naomi Walford. Selected by Literary Guild for May. Should be read by a member of the staff in advance of publication, and drawn to the attention of your discriminating customers as a book they will want the fun of ""discovering"" for themselves.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1936
Publisher: PutnamMinton, Balch