THE WISDOM OF JFK by T.S.- Ed. Settel


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In this small selection of the wisdom of JFK will be found some of the words most likely to make their mark in history,"" says editor Settel. And here indeed are a host of quotable quotes, mostly kept to a brief paragraph or two, drawn from the speeches (in the main) and letters of the late President. They are presented in three sections: the first deals with national purpose, social welfare, civil rights, youth and education, culture and the arts, science, conservation, the exploration of the sea; the second with peace, the UN, disarmament and the nuclear test ban treaty, Communism, Latin America; the third with the free society, the defense of freedom, the victory of man, religion. The quotes appear to be well chosen, and will have an inspirational appeal to the lay reader as well as value for the person searching for a sermon or speech kick-off.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1965
Publisher: Dutton