O MY AMERICA by T.S. Mathews


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In this book Mr. Mathews records the observations he made on a tour of the mid and south west. It is a very readable account, in the best tradition of America's angry if aging critics. But at a time when most writers are concerned with America's loss of confidence the book is perhaps untimely. The author enjoys himself at men's clubs and and his companion about the Negro problem, thereby identifying himself rather with his prototype business man. He deplores the waste and the English the materialism that destroys beauty; and America's he has no monopoly. It would he unfair to say that the pages of this the impression of a man who preaches reform of a people from whose fortune he feels himself detached; the author is legitimately concerned with the material progress, that seemingly buries spiritual progress and with the narrow minleiness of some portions of our population. But the author's approach will probably fail the desirable reaction of constructive improvement born in the is more likely to be directed at the book itself.

Pub Date: April 27th, 1962
Publisher: Simon & Schuster