DREAM OF INNOCENCE by Turnley Walker


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The file on Geraldine and her muskrat-to-mink progress as a high-priced call girl. Geraldine, who had never quite gotten over an early experience when a boy she loved walked out on her after two days in a motel, has three things on her mind- such as it is: -- a perfectly beautiful car, a connection with ""an absolutely flawless older man"", and someone like Burt Whitney, a young man about the theatre, to love. In between her appointments, and her girl friends (over drinks these girls really tipple and kick it around) Geraldine gets her car, even though she kills a man and blackmails and blacklists her ""dearest little golden girl friend"" Millicent -- in order to do so; she finds her perfect contact in a wall-heeled daddy who satisfies an incestual impulse towards a daughter through Geraldine; and she snags Burt -- who promises to marry her on the way to Hollywood in her car. But Burt is wished up by a former friend of Geraldine's as to her professional past, and they only get as far as a motel in Utah where Geraldine finds herself at the short end of her ""dream of innocence"" and just where she started... Geraldine's no Nana, but she's quite a doll, and her boudoir pillow case history brings to bear a certain clinical detachment as well as a fleshy appreciation. A Story Press book- and some story. Warning-PL'S.

Pub Date: March 21st, 1952
Publisher: David McKay