BILLY AND BETTY by Twiggs Jameson


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A warning this occasionally very funny book should be approached only by those who are not offended by pornographic material displayed with shameless gyrations but to some satiric purpose. The author has trumped up a sexual vocabulary of inspired silliness; utilizes commercial cramp art (a nauseating step up from camp) as the characters speak without benefit of balloons; (""Gosh Billy. . . that sure is a fragrant odor. What kind of toothpaste is it?"" ""It's that new clove-flavored stuff everybody is talking about."") Betty's problem--to marry her fiance of several years--is directly related to the career of brother Billy, through a death-bed promise. But how to launch Billy with his problem--an attribute which compelled an entire precinct to roar with helpless laughter. Several brushes with the Brothers of Priapics Anonymous, and fending off the ventures of Sister Susie (who traces her addiction, including an early alliance with the good dog Sandy, through the years) do not bring Betty closer to finalization, but when Billy becomes one with the elderly-candy-store-owners-killing group, the White Darkies, a new c dawns. Billy glimmers anew and Bitty is sublimely happy, before Billy's Greatest Moment, as he expires with an auditorium of participating females. A jolly, bawdy bomblast at American sexual addictions, which like clove-flavored toothpaste, refreshes before it inevitably cloys.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1968
Publisher: Grove