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HEAVEN SENT by Tyisha  Noise


Milo's First Trip

by Tyisha Noise , illustrated by Nic the Artist

Pub Date: March 7th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-973653-39-4
Publisher: Westbow Press

This debut children’s book aims to help young readers understand their personal objectives through the lens of Christianity.

Little Milo is a soul in heaven, awaiting his moment to be sent to Earth. In the meantime, he is busy hearing stories from many impressive figures from the Bible: Adam and Eve, Esther, Ruth, David, Joshua, and more. His friend Horace, another young soul, has to keep Milo from getting too distracted. One day, Horace finds Milo standing before the women’s morning tea party. There, Milo shyly asks the incredible women of the Bible what their favorite thing about being on Earth was. Eve answers for them all when she says that the best part was experiencing love, even though not everything around her was as perfect as it is in heaven. This excites Milo, whose motivation to reach Earth increases exponentially. He asks Emmanuel J (Jesus) when his time will come to travel there. Emmanuel J assures Milo that everything will happen according to God’s plan, once preparations are made for his arrival. Eventually, Milo talks to Father, who has just returned from participating in a wedding ceremony on Earth. Father tells Milo to see Emmanuel J for a surprise. On the way, Milo observes sadness on Earth; unlike the married couple who have God’s love in their hearts, there are many people who lack that affection and are unfulfilled. He realizes that it is his mission to spread the love of God on Earth. Emmanuel J informs him that it is now time to leave heaven, and that it will take nine months for him to become part of the newlyweds’ family. Noise’s heartfelt story is paired with bright digital illustrations by Nic the Artist (Taru’s Million Dollar Dream, 2014). All of the characters are depicted as black or possibly Middle Eastern or Indian—a refreshing change from white-centered Christian narratives. For families who are interested in instilling Christian-specific ideas about life’s goals into their young readers, this book is an innovative, child-friendly take on the topic. The work’s focus on love over everything else is quite admirable. But the implication that those who do not follow Christianity lead miserable, sad lives is unfortunate, making the tale most appropriate for readers of that faith. 

An earnest but limited faith-based story about life’s purpose and the joy of spreading God’s love.