BEST ARMY SHORT STORIES -- 1950 by U. S Army Contest


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With originality the first basis of selection and literary style second, these 12 best short stories from those submitted, by officer and enlisted personnel, in the U.S. Army's world-wide $3,000 contest, have a definitely slick, magazine angle. Collier's $1,000 prize for the top three includes magazine publication for Ki and the Nonad Woman by Major Gordon Enders, an effective picture of the destruction of a nomad tribe. Others are concerned with an English-American boy whom a U. S. Army Chaplain helps to live down his bastardy: a German priest who is tried -- and acquitted through his innocence: the bringing in of a smart, smooth AWOL recruit: the burial of a soldier in his home town: slot machine mania is passed from one addict to another: a hot bath gets mixed up in military strategy and wins the day: a woman government worker's sterile life: anonymous bizarre predictions bring luck to a housewife and disaster to their originator: an important telephone break-down is dismissed as ""no hitch"" after a miraculous repair is effected and the mission is successful; an Egyptian houseboy sees his King: salvage from ships sunk by submarines is the cause of an Irish town's destruction. Sentimental, some, funny, others, strictly on the popular line.

Pub Date: Nov. 2nd, 1950
Publisher: Rinehart