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ALEX DID IT! by Udo Weigelt


by Udo Weigelt & illustrated by Cristina Kadmon

Age Range: 4 - 8

Pub Date: March 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-7358-1578-X
Publisher: NorthSouth

A trio of rascally bunnies discovers the illicit benefits of deceit and turns their forest topsy-turvy. When they awake grouchy bear during play, Bouncer, Buster, and Baby are worried—until they come up with the crafty notion to blame it on an imaginary friend. “Alex did it” becomes their handy pardon, allowing them to romp through the forest with nary a hint of remorse. Their tour of mischief includes pilfering Squirrel’s secret stash of nuts, playing a mean-spirited joke on Badger, and accidentally destroying Rabbit’s garden. However, the minor miscreants get their comeuppance in the form of the new rabbit they encounter, who really is named Alex. Rather than let the innocent hare bear the burden of their misdeeds, the repentant trio makes a public atonement for their transgressions. Weigelt’s (Old Beaver, not reviewed, etc.) tale cautions young readers that naughtiness always has its consequences and brave little bunnies accept responsibility for their actions. Kadmon’s (Little Elephant Runs Away, 2001, etc.) illustrations are comprised of multiple layers of color. Random glimpses of the under-colors give the richly hued pictures a uniquely textured appearance. The bunnies’ cuddly mien, combined with their wide-eyed expressions, robs their antics of malice; instead, they appear adorably roguish. A playful tale of mischief and redemption with universal appeal. (Picture book. 4-8)