THE LION'S WISDOM by Uma  Shankari


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In this debut spiritual book, a seeker gains wisdom from a celestial Lion during a vision quest.

“Are you ready to carry my legacy?” asks a magnificent, larger-than-life Lion to the narrator of  Shankari’s work, a book she refers to as “channeled” through her by the universe itself rather than actually written by the author. (It will be the judgment call of each reader as to how to categorize the volume.) In the fervid dream world that carries the narrative forward, the story begins with a man appearing to Shankari from a pure, primeval state in which humans live in complete harmony with the natural world. The man introduces Shankari to the Lion, who unfolds an entire worldview to the author in a series of discussions about life, faith, happiness, and a half-dozen other broad philosophical subjects that tend to crop up in spiritual/New Age texts of this kind. While Shankari is guided throughout by her own “wisdom,” which “constantly whispers my truth,” she receives from the Lion many lessons about the true nature of reality, realizing that the majestic being “was here to teach me to create a different reality than the one I was taught, than the one that was dictated to me.” The Lion’s teachings about this new reality will be very familiar to readers of modern spiritual works. “To understand the truth, one must be still,” the Lion tells the author at one point. “It is from stillness that answers and wisdom arise.” Also: “Life is an illusion.” In chapters smoothly interspersed with these and other earnest revelations, Shankari addresses readers directly, sometimes challenging their complacency (“Admit it, you don’t know what it is to live a life in truth”) and sometimes speaking in the kind of apothegms that fill the rest of this placid series opener: “If you cry that you have not felt love, consider that you have not allowed yourself to love yourself.” The Lion’s captivating thoughts about the true nature of existence will appeal to fans of books like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance as will the story of a state of prelapsarian balance with nature.

An intriguing but familiar series of “channeled” meditations on the true nature of reality.

Pub Date: Sept. 10th, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-950282-41-8
Page count: 292pp
Publisher: Bublish, Inc.
Program: Kirkus Indie
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