Your Soul's Companion by Wendy Marks

Your Soul's Companion

Tools and Tales for Your Spiritual Journey
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A shaman shares her wisdom in Marks and Spector’sself-help book.

As a child, Marks had visions, interacted with a silver-skinned spirit guide and, by power of thought, occasionally moved a ball suspended from the ceiling of her room, freaking out her friends. Luckily, Marks grew up in a home where psychic ability was the norm. In the workforce, she encountered trouble due to her heightened senses, particularly in a mental hospital, where the staff didn’t appreciate her empathic perceptions. A self-described “Jewbu”—a Jew embracing Buddhism—she would later develop into a “medical intuitive”capable of assessing an individual’s health by reading energy, sometimescatching what medical professionals missed. The book is divided into four parts: spirituality, practices, balance and the human condition, includingcautions against trying to be psychic without first laying the foundation through consistent practice of things such as meditation, which, the authors say, aids in releasing negative and positive emotions for an observer to achieve a neutral state—“the empty, silent space to just be.” A notable chapter deals with the significance of life force, noting that long-lived humans tend to be “completely self-involved.” Another addresses miracles, spotlighting a man who went into spontaneous remission from cancer after a potent lucid dream. The well-conceived book has a straightforward presentation void of ego. Although not as groundbreaking, some passages recall the teachings ofEsther and Jerry Hicks (i.e., embracing joy rather than focusing on past travails) and Eckhart Tolle (being present now). The author suggests “de-cording” from others—severing unhealthy energy ties at the chakras—which she compares to removing cookies from a computer’s operating system. Graciously, Marks puts herself on the line, telling of a male teacher who, feeling her acute anger, moved out of her line of fire: “[H]e kept telling me that I was sending ‘arrows’ at him….One day, he stood up and moved across the room, saying he wasn’t sitting in my line of sight.” Shortly thereafter, a window broke, presumably due to her energy, though neither of them had physically touched it. Marks says it illustrates a lesson: If one can heal, one can harm. For beginning and intermediate students on a lifelong spiritual journey, the reiteration of maxims such as thisshould prove beneficial.

A valuable guide to spiritual principles and practices that aptly covers the basics plus a few twists. 

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