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Number 8, I believe, in the saga of Lanny Budd, and it won't disappoint his numerous fans. All ingredients, pressed down and running over as our Superman Lanny, pursues his career as presidential agent, this time, headed for North Africa- and later for Moscow. Once again the historical background touches often enough on remembered contemporary history to give the reader a sense of pleasantly flattering recall. There's even the story of Lanny Budd as fellow guest with the Adamics and Winston Churchill at the memorable ""dinner at the White House"". Lanny spies out the land in North Africa, assessing the mood, the spirit of Frenchman and native, he visits Vichy France, sees Laval and others of his ilk. Algiers, supplies full measure of adventure, but then- glutton for punishment- he sets out for Moscow only to be shot down over the Sahara, rescued by some fascist Arabs, who take him to a German military post. Hastily swallowing his F.D.R. identifications, he produces a card from Rudolf Hess to Hitler- and -- presto changeo- he is in Germany. There he walks a tightrope with Hitler, then Goering; he acquires some valuable pieces of French art; he visits some scientists and learns the whereabouts of some experiments; and he gets sent to Sweden and London- with instructions to come back and report further to Hitler. The time spans the North African invasion- Stalingrad- bombing of Berlin, etc., but all fingers point to volume nine taking Lanny back again to Germany. The fascination of this series insures the sale of this volume- the one sure war book for big sales.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1947
Publisher: Viking