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Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1953
Publisher: Elsevier Press

Exclusively prepared for the layman"", this one-volume inventory of current medical information is of course more comprehensive than intensive, but has been prepared under the surveillance of 243 physicians from all parts of the country. The reader will have at hand not only a general survey of health, and the ills to which the flesh is heir to, but also the extension of medicine in the fields of public health, sanitation, the law, the profession itself, etc. The processes of birth; development; the respiratory system; the blood and its organs; the heart and circulation; the skin; the skeleton and muscles; the glands; the brain and nervous system; the teeth; the digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems; and individual organs all receive individual coverage. The diagrams and extensive use of excellent medical photography (there are over 1500 pictures) make this book visually instructive as well, and with the exception of a few unfortunate paintings in color, the illustrative selections are extremely graphic. The book-making itself is handsome and effective, and warrants this price which may however be beyond the budget of the audience for which it is intended.