OKAY, GOOD DOG by Ursula Landshoff


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Landshoff's advice on dog selection is so scanty it's no help at all, and she doesn't even mention feeding. On housebreaking, like many, she uses newspaper for early training (oddly though, she starts the pup out in a playpen), but she's so delicate about language that it might take the similarly discreet picture (of the dog sitting on a newspaper outdoors) to interpret her directive on walking the dog: ""Stay out long enough for him to go."" Mostly, though, she concentrates on obedience training, with specific instructions for teaching the dog to sit, lie down, come, heel, stay, sit up (beg), and jump through a hoop. Properly, she counsels patience and kindness; and if her training manual's only distinction its easy reading format, that will probably be enough for many very young pet owners.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row